Pricing, Productivity & Profitability
This short 4-video mini course with celebrity event planner turned Profit Goddess!, Marley Majcher, 
reveals the 3 key pillars of creating a business that actually MAKES MONEY...
Video #1
This is one of the big areas where most businesses blow up. 

One of the biggest problems is we've never been taught how to set our pricing. I mean, have you ever heard of pricing school? 

When you start your own company this lack of knowledge becomes disastrous. 

In this video, I explain the very big difference between actually making money vs just spinning your wheels with a glorified hobby and how you can fix your pricing once and for all. 
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Video #2
When it comes to productivity, most people get it wrong. In fact, most people don’t get it at all.
The biggest issue is that we’re so overwhelmed and spinning in so many directions, we don’t know what to focus on first.

If you don't have a productivity plan that allows you to focus on your key activities - those that either make you money, save you money or make you more efficient, you’re destined to be on that hamster wheel for the rest of your life.

I'll talk you through how to identify the items on your to do list that give you the biggest bang for your buck!

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Video #3
Do you know the difference between a business and a hobby? 

Most people don’t…

But the answer is making MONEY. Profit. Not only do most people not have a specific plan to actually identify their target customer, communicate their unique selling proposition or set their pricing, most people just copy the competition, close their eyes, cross their fingers and hope their bank balance doesn’t have a “-“ in front of it.

I’ll talk you through our profitability method that will show you how you can create bulletproof, perfectly optimized pricing to engage the kinds of customers who will cheerfully pay you what you’re worth without haggling!

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Video #4
Solving the Problem
Hopefully by now you can see that there might be a better way of doing things than the way you've been stumbling along in your business to this point.
Sit back for a sec and see how each of these three concepts: Pricing, Productivity and Profitability perfectly intertwine.

If you don't have this trio totally mapped out, you will always second guess yourself and forever have to listen to your significant other beeyatching about when you’re ever going to make any money.

Money isn’t everything,  but feeling confident and spending time with our families  while charging what we’re worth, definitely is. 
Start Over 
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Nail Your Pricing Cheat Sheet to speed up your results.
Ready To Finally Super Size Your Profits?
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When you were first starting out on the entrepreneurial journey, you were SO excited: Amazing business cards, adorable website, Insta photos for days. And as the months rolled on, you just kept putting in more and more hours for crazy high maintenance clients.  You felt like you were working night and day.
And then your partner asked...
But are you making any MONEY?
The business is still rolling along, and you’re still on that hamster wheel. You still love your brand, but now your website could use a re-do and your Insta-fun has started to wain. And now it all feels like a freaking struggle. There aren’t enough hours in the day, the stress and overwhelm are constant, and you’re wondering if you can ever get this to actually work.
Suddenly you realize that your entire business relies on one thing: Getting the right customers to pay you what you're worth.

Here’s the truth: Your initial business bliss won't fuel you forever until you can figure out how to actually make some money.

When you were first starting out, you needed tons of creative enthusiasm and to put in tons of hours to get it off the ground. But for a business to make money, it needs solid systems and processes to price for profit and so you can actually be productive.

I learned this the very hard way. I was a girl with a very glamorous business, working 24/7 with the who's who of Hollywood until one day when my Dad practically yelled: "But are you making any money???"

Since then, I came up with a system to solve my own problems – a way to Price, be Productive & get Profitable once and for all. Stop spinning your wheels for a second working in your business, instead, catch your breath and work with me ON it.

I’ve helped thousands through this process, and I can help you too. This is why I created the Pricing, Productivity & Profit Plan.

The Pricing, Productivity & Profit Plan focuses on the three pillars 
necessary for a business to make money:
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What's Inside
The course consists of four modules, contains audio files, transcripts, and printouts available. Don't have time to watch a video? That's okay, just listen to the audio in the car! Hate reading? Watch the video! I’ve got you covered.
You can watch the modules at your own pace and as a limited bonus, you'll get access to our private Facebook group where we'll answer your questions and ensure you're on track.

Now, you might be thinking..."But Marley, I'm already totally overwhelmed, how am I ever going to add something ELSE to my plate?"

Well, I have news for you: For every minute you plan, you actually SAVE four minutes and my goal is to actually have you save at least twice the amount of time you spend watching the videos and that's just the ROI for the first week.

From “soloprenuer” operations to multi-million dollar corporations, their roadblocks always relate to haphazard pricing, poor productivity practices, and a lack of a system to price for profit.
What You'll Learn
* How to decide where to even start
* How to clear out the clutter and get right to your ROOT problem so that your business can start making serious money
* How to identify the different causes of your frustration, overwhelm, and overwork
* Why you need different solutions for different types of problems (ie - for a lack of motivation vs overwhelm)
* How to apply the proper solution to each specific problem
* Why one-size-fits-all band-aid approaches won't work
* Exactly how to create your own personal action plan and blueprint
* How to fly a little lap on your own
* How to keep track of your progress with our customizable printables
* How to fix that little wing ‘til you're soaring solo.
PLUS, Learn The Four Keys To Solving Your Biggest Business Problem By:
* Discovering what it REALLY is
* Overcoming your biggest roadblocks
* Creating an action plan
* Road testing the plan
Here's How to Get Started Today
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Complete the Lessons
You can watch the lessons at your own pace - as quickly or as slowly as you want. Each video dissects a critical component to getting to the root of the Biggest Business Problem you've got right now and the set of printables helps you apply what you've learned immediately.
Become Profitable
At the end of the modules, you will have solved Your Biggest Business Problem, will get tons of positive mojo to fuel your end game of perfect Pricing, Productivity and Profitability, once and for all.

Nicole Otchy

"I booked 4x as many clients in a month..."
“Ahh….thanks to you, Marley, I booked 4x as many clients in a month (you can multiply that by $1200 AVERAGE per client over 11 months)! 

Oh, AND I have expanded to another city with a waiting list for the whole Fall!”

Annette Naif

"...she showed me a more efficient way..."
Learning from her was so much fun. Her workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended and I have attended hundreds over the years. You don't need to be an event planner to work with her. 

Her systems work for everyone. She is so giving and took all the time I needed to help me turn my business around. I never looked back.

Donna O'Brian

“Marley brought the reality to life…”
Marley really made me feel great that my business would be a financial success by following a few easy steps. She brought the reality to life and helped me grow my business to make money! 

You’re the best, and I didn’t even feel stupid for one second. Thanks for everything!

Get Off The Hamster Wheel, Pick One Problem To Tackle First 
So You Can Fix Your Pricing, Be More Productive 
And Ultimately Super Size Your Profits

Get Instant Access Today
One-Time-Payment of 347...47 (87% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

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